About Us

Cat Food Tip was created by cat lovers who wanted to share their feline knowledge with anyone who may need it. 

Being a cat parent is one of the best experiences, but there’s also a learning curve at first, especially when it comes to food. 

As sturdy as they may seem, cats do have sensitive stomachs and they need a carefully composed diet with enough essential nutrients for them to thrive. Otherwise, you run the risk of diseases, which can cut the cat years short and pile up the medical bills. 

Our Mission

After witnessing hundreds of sick cats over the course of a year while working in a vet clinic, Daniel thought it was time to create a place where new cat parents can come and learn everything they need about cat food and care. Thus, Cat Food Tip was born. 

Daniel’s mission has always been to help cat parents improve the lives of their feline family members. Together with his team, he thrives to provide expert guides and top recommendations to ensure owners get exactly what their fur baby needs. 

Daniel Miller, Founder

Daniel is the creator of Cat Food Tip. With years of experience working with cats, he has developed a passion for helping cat owners.​

Olivia Davis, Editor-In-Chief​

Olivia is the editor-in-chief at Cat Food Tip. She’s in charge of making sure that every post is up to standards and contains accurate information that’s comprehendable and fun for readers.

Craig Brown, Writer​

Craig is our fun-loving writer who puts a creative spin on every post. As a proud cat parent, he knows a thing or two about felines and is happy to make a living from it.

Sandra Johnson, Veterinarian

Sandra is our helpful veterinarian who makes sure that all information about care and cat food is accurate.